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Independent Porsche Consultancy Services

A class-leading, personal service for prospective drivers of pre-owned Porsche sports cars that will save you money! We aim to be the leading provider of private client Porsche pre-purchase inspection services in the UK.  Within our defined location and safety conditions, we go to wherever the car is located. 

We have specific in-depth experience with the originality and authenticity of early and classic 911s and the faster contemporary 911s (996/997 GT2/3, Turbo, etc). We may use unique factory sourced authenticity data on any collectible example, classic or modern. 

Here is a selection of some interesting Porsches recently inspected by us (updated 6 Nov 2015):

993 Cabrio - great example
Carrera 2.7 rep - oh dear, not what we expected
Boxster S (986) - cost more to fix than value
944Turbo - a beauty
996 C4 G1 - a tired car
997 C4S G1 - good car from reliable dealer
997 C4S G2 - again, good car, love that PDK!
997S G1 - OK-ish
Carrera 3.2 - been around the block, but OK
997 G2 - lovely option fit, good car
993S - Oh yes. Mint
964 C4 - major shunt, everything wrong
356A Cabriolet - excellent expert resto
911SC Targa - project with long work list
997 GT3RS 4.0 - 5K miles and crazy price!
911T - best value in early 911s!
C32 - hidden secrets in this one
997S Gen 1 - scored bores
997S Cabrio Gen 2 - below average
997 GT3 - needs details but OK
996 Turbo - OMG, a disaster!
996 Turbo - beautiful car
Boxster 3.4S - very nice
997S Gen 1 - bores scored, neglected
Boxster 3.4S Gen 2 - again, a lovely car
993RS - repaired well and authentic
C32 Supersport - going in B pillars
997 Turbo - needs details but good car
997S Gen 1 - on the edge of OK
993 - tarted up, poor car
996 C4S - very good example
964 C2 - what 964s are all about!
993 GT2 Beautiful, authentic example
993 Turbo - a great find at a great price!
996 Carrera 3.4 - Not this one...
997S Gen 1 - a nice car!
911S 2.4 - OK, but could be better
Boxtser S (981) - new kid on the block!
996 C2 'facelift' - well looked after
Boxster 2.7 (986) - good value
996 GT3 RS - how much higher to go?
993 Targa - rusty and leaky
C32/RS recreation - a blast
996T x 3 - there can be only 1 winner
997 GT3 RS 4.0 - is this the Porsche holy grail?
911S 2.2 Targa - great example!
911 Carrera RS (993), authentic but needs tidying

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