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Experian AutoCheck - About the Inspection Service

Experian operate a class leading vehicle database. With every inspection we offer an inclusive Experian data check for extra peace of mind. All vehicle identities from mainland Britain and Northern Ireland are kept on Experian's files, to which they add 16 million items of status information. Every check makes an enquiry against the main database registers including Vehicle Description (colour, make, model, fuel, engine size/number, transmission, number of keepers, etc), DVLA Vehicle Registration Mark and Vehicle Identification Number match (to weed out ringers), Stolen Vehicles, Outstanding Finance (including contact details for any lenders) and Condition Alert (an alert detecting vehicles that have been 'written off' by insurance companies or recorded by the DVLA as scrapped). The Experian Check is also subject to Experian's own Terms & Conditions (see This check would normally cost you £19.95 if bought online from Experian.

After the inspection, you will receive a phone call to discuss the inspection results. Usually within 24 hours we will send you by e-mail a 8-9 page report, complete with photographs of any problem areas. The report is not a 'ticked box' affair. We want it to give you the information you need to decide whether to buy the car, while at the same time being educational and benchmark the quality of the car to help you sell at a later date.

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