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About us

Our team has many years hands-on experience of Porsches and have owned (and worked on) virtually every major model including the early 911s from 1965.

We have inspected Porsches for friends and customers for over 20 years and became an incorporated inspection business in 2003. We inspect all the Porsche sports cars, but we have specific expertise on the faster 911s (air-cooled and water cooled), with all the classic Porsches (993, 964, C32, 944 and 968 and 911SC).

We do not sub-contract your booking, allowing us to control and continuously improve our service and quality standards. We have standardised on a common state of the art equipment list that allows us to inspect cars at the seller's location, including underbody and ECU checks.  

We pride ourselves on our long backgrounds and experience of working on every aspect of the Stuttgart cars, but we are also not just mechanics and engineers. Just as importantly, our service to you is based on key forensic skills. These include a strict methodology, strong analytical skills and reliability and quality of results delivery. 

We offer a bespoke mobile pre-purchase inspection service, but are not able to offer coverage all across the UK.  For locations outside our core operating range, we may be able to suggest alternative solutions.


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