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Porsche Pre-purchase Inspections

We aim to be the UK's leading Porsche pre-purchase inspection service and we work hard to maintain our recommendation from the Porsche Club Great Britain. For less than the price of an annual service we aim to save you money and give you peace of mind when buying a used Porsche. We pride ourselves on our personal, independent and thorough approach and our efforts to achieve the highest standards of quality and dependability. We have long backgrounds within the Porsche, engineering and evidential assessment world, but are completely independent of the official network and independent sales or service specialists. In the course of each year we inspect and/or drive literally hundreds of used models.

Inspection vehicle with Cayman

We work only on your behalf and report only to you. Our opinions on Porsches for sale are impartial and unbiased (our business does not depend on selling you service or parts). We will advise you on the desirability, what work might be required and offer guidelines on the price of specific cars.

Our expertise covers street Porsche sports cars. We will be pleased to inspect 991, 981 Boxster & Cayman, 997, 996, 993, 964, 911 and all Turbos, 912, plus the 944 in all its forms, 968, 928, Cayman and Boxster (986 and 987).  We have specific expertise of the faster Porsches (including the GT, RS and Turbos), the classics (1974-1989) and the early Porsches (pre-1974) (see About us). As we are sports car people we prefer to pass on the Cayennes, Panameras and Macans of this world.

Why choose our inspection?

For less than the cost of a typical annual service, our inspection is a comprehensive appraisal on the car you have selected at the seller's location and includes an Experian autocheck, estimation on value and an ECU diagnostic check (if relevant). We aim to complete the inspection within 2-3 working days of your instructions. We take the equipment required to site and perform a well-practised and thorough 230-point inspection, including a drive test (if permitted). On a typical car, this can take up to three hours for the full review and is generally accepted as the most thorough Porsche mobile inspection service in the UK.

The 230-point inspection includes (very broadly):

  • Paintwork and trim condition (searching for crash damage, new paint and poor workmanship, established corrosion) using paint thickness equipment. For the early cars this would include a more detailed bodyshell check and detailed assessment of VIN and engine number authenticity.
  • Underbody and suspension condition (with the wheels off the ground). Grounding damage, cooling and aircon system condition, suspension bearing/bush condition, shock absorbers & spring condition, steering rack condition
  • Wheels and tyres condition, including kerbing & corrosion, tyre wear and damage, rating
  • Operation of brakes and brake disc/pad condition, including associated pipework condition
  • The engine and transmission external condition (oil leaks, coolant and consumables condition, corrosion). Ancillary (coolant pump & vacuum pump if relevant, fuel pump, heat shields, constant velocity joints etc.)
  • The interior and luggage compartment (wear and tear) Saggy, nicked, weathered and worn (and that's not the inspector!).
  • Operation of electrical equipment. Full check of knobs, buttons and stalks. Basic sat-nav operation
  • Basic document check (registration document V5C, service book, VOSA, road tax, etc).
  • On the 991/996/997 & Boxster/Cayman (981/987/986) models, we may use PIWIS or other diagnostic equipment to read ECU data (over-revs, fault codes and operating hours, plus ECU recorded actual mileage - a check for 'clocking'). 
  • Driving behaviour (conditional on seller's permission). Because of traffic regulations, the drive test (which lasts up to 5 miles) may be restricted but in any case does not assess the high performance attributes of a car). We carry the necessary comprehensive commercial motor insurance and trade plates for this and carry a copy of the insurance certificate that the seller can check.
  • Viewpoint on the declared selling price.
Drive test on classic 911

We call you after the inspection to discuss the bullet points of the car's condition, its desirability and value for money. We can advise broadly on repair costs. We are particularly used to meeting the needs of buyers unfamiliar with the UK car trade or who may not have been able to see the car. Our comprehensive report (including a detailed photo file) will follow shortly after. We don't just hand you a hand written list of issues with a list of ticked boxes. You see the detail condition of the car.

The quality is in the detail

Our inspection procedures have been developed over 15 years of daily contact assessing Porsches and we have worked on Porsches for more than 35 years. We use state of the art tools and our expert engineers are passionate about their work. Our knowledge of what should be and what shouldn't be lets us form a realistic opinion on the condition of the car.
We inspect cars for clients at official dealers, independent specialists and at private sellers and we have formed productive working relationships with many respected dealers that directly benefit our clients.
We aim to improve your peace of mind about the actual quality of the car. Our experience is that while we reveal our share of showstopping faults, we also frequently reveal issues that sellers would rather you find later. These are issues that could cost you time and money after purchase. And of course, it must be said we really enjoy it when we are able to report on a very good car. Some in-house dealer warranties also frequently don't cover items that are considered wear and tear.
We don't often fail to justify our fee!

For instance, we would carefully check all areas of the upper bodyshell for signs of paint change, filler or corrosion. We lift the car safely and carefully check underneath for items like corroded inner brake disc faces and pipework, worn out suspension bushes, split CV boots, leaking shock absorbers and accident damage. The engines on the  water-cooled models come in for a very thorough non-intrusive check, including again assessing any oil leaks (RMS, coil units, etc), coolant leaks (reservoir, pump or rads), corroded exhaust systems and perished electrical parts. Cylinder bore scoring has topped forum discussions in recent years and we check for early warning signs. On the post '98 models we put a diagnostic computer running Porsche's PIWIS 2 software on the ECU and look for electrical and electronic fault codes (such as faulty coil packs or air bag warnings), over-rev history and of course, assessing mileage validity. 

We have specific expertise assessing the faster 911s (the Turbos, GTs and RS models). We restore older Porsches and recent projects have included restorations of a 1968 911, a 1972 911S and a backdate on a Carrera 3.2, a 944 Turbo and a 964 C4.

More detail of how we approach the inspection of different Porsche models.


Pre-purchase inspection

All our costs are included in our price, with small variations depending on location. 
As a guideline total inspection costs to you are typically in the range £395-425.

Documentation option

Cataloguing a good provenance is at the heart of a cherished car's intrinsic value. The main inspection includes a basic legal document check. As an option for car's with larger history files, we offer a key event documentation appraisal and log that costs £50.00. This additional check includes examination of any history file presented with the car and is highly recommended for any collectible Porsche made before 1998. We record the option codes, all service and VOSA (MoT) data presented, key history data (which can reveal some very interesting facts!) and any other relevant data.


Payment is usually by debit or credit card. We can accept bank transfers, but this may delay the inspection. 

Overseas customers buying in the UK can contact us by e-mail if required and payment can be made by credit card or through our secure server.

Geographical coverage

Because we do not sub-contract, we do not have nationwide coverage. Our service covers central southern England (north to the Birmingham area, etc). Please call to see if the car's location is within our range.

The inspector's costs for bridge tolls, parking or entering any urban congestion zone will be added to the cost of the inspection.

Our acceptance of your instructions in the London area is conditional on the availability of a suitable, safe inspection location with adequate parking.

The Small Print

Terms and Conditions

We use best efforts to identify problem areas on a subject car, but please note the inspection report is not a warranty or an insurance policy In any event our liability to you is limited to the cost of the inspection fee.

Inspections on the early 911s and special models are made only on the car's condition and it is assumed you will perform due diligence to establish the wider authenticity of the specific example.

Please note that although the inspection is far more comprehensive than the annual VOSA test, it does not carry any legal authority with respect to the car's roadworthiness. In instructing us to perform an inspection you accept our Terms and Conditions.


Our use of the word 'Porsche' or any of the accepted trademarks and logos, is purely to describe the subject area in which we work and implies no connection or liability to Porsche Cars Great Britain, its parent organisation, its subsidiaries or any Official Centre.

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